Reefer White Smoke Polarised

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Inhale deeply, my friend, and let the brilliance of the reefer seep into your very essence. These slick, speedy shades bear the unmistakable stamp of SIN, flaunting a steadfast polarised lens and fashioning themselves from a base of recycled materials. Behold, these bad boys don the badge of allegiance to the Great Barrier Reef Legacy, accompanied by a charitable contribution to their cause. They proudly declare their alliance with the Forever Reef Project, bidding a spirited 'Good morning, forever reefers.' in their name.
A resolute salute to the Y2K era in their silhouette, this companion of yours boasts a mirror tint of celestial green—a relic from the age of space travel, ensuring your visage is nothing short of explosive. So, my compadre, slip into this suave style, ride the smooth waves, and savor the essence of the reefer.