The Face Behind DHD

Darren Handley's passion for surfing began on the wave-rich Gold Coast of Australia, where he grew up surrounded by some of the world's most famous waves and talented surfers.

As one of the world's best shapers, DH's reputation precedes him, having shaped boards for some of the most successful surfers in the world, but DH is more than just a shaper - he is a complete surfboard manufacturer who is hands-on in every aspect of the process.

As an industry leader, DH continues to set standards for quality and performance, ensuring that every DHD surfboard is crafted to perfection. With nearly 50 years of experience, DH's commitment to creating the ultimate surfboard is unwavering, and his dedication to his craft is reflected in every DHD surfboard.


Monday to Saturday
9am - 5pm

9:30am - 4pm