Nemesis EPS (2 x Stringer) Bodyboard

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The Nemesis model is designed for beginner to intermediate riders looking to get the most out of a mid-range bodyboard. The perfect template to put riders on the path to high performance bodyboarding, following in the steps of Nomad’s elite riders like Lachlan Cramsie, Michael Novy and Matt Lackey. The 2 x Stringers adds that extra strength to the boards core add longevity for those who are more demanding on their boards. The Nemesis comes with a contoured deck for advance control.


  • DECK: Cross Link (IXL)
  • HULL: DURA-HDPE Slick Skin
  • RAILS: 60/40 Double Rails
  • TAIL: Clipped Crescent
  • STRINGER SETUP: 2 x Stringer (Internal rods that add extra strength 💪)
  • FEATURES: Deck ContourNose Grips, Channels, Nose and Tail Buffers. This board comes pre-plugged.