FCS II Performer Twin +1 PG - S-M Black Retail Fins

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It's best to think of the Performer Twin as 2/3 Twin and 1/3 Thruster. The side fins are at the lower end of the S-M size category and have a neutral sweep angle (Performer Family) and a streamlined outline from base to tip. The stabiliser, which has a higher sweep angle (Carver Family), is oversized compared to most stabiliser fins which increases the combined surface area of the set, but more importantly, adds significant control when surfing.

Adaptable across super twin models, hybrids and performance shapes, the Performer Twin offers the foundations of the thruster (predictability & control) with the looseness and tail release that’s closer to the feel of a twin.

- Twin feel, thruster performance

- Suited to modern twin and hybrid models

- Smaller side template, larger stabiliser