The Bar Black Matt Gold Smoke Polarised

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"I'm here to make a damn statement! and where is my drink?"

Behold our The Bar Black Gold, a tribute to the chaotic rhythm of beach bashes and the gritty beat of the urban jungle. These aren't just sunglasses; they're an attitude, a vibe, a wild embrace of the unpredictable.

Step into the realm of these square-shaped polarised lenses, a haven of unrivaled comfort and a fortress against the relentless assault of UV rays. Whether you're conquering the streets or searching for where the party's at, these shades have your back.

Crafted from top-tier materials, they scoff in the face of your wildest escapades, standing tall against the chaos with an air of defiant style. And the best part? These bad boys won't leave your wallet smoldering. Sure, we've evolved from our Gold Coast origins, but our unwavering dedication to delivering quality eyewear that won't bleed you dry remains untouched.

Prepare to embark on your next adventure, armed with these durable and effortlessly cool companions. These shades aren't merely eyewear; they're your golden ticket to the 'Good times'. So, my friend, are you ready to soar with us and elevate the bar to new, fearless heights?

Like you, we care about our amazing planet and love getting out and Chasin the Sun. To help play a small part in limiting the impact on our earth THE BAR is made from recycled bottle lids and each purchase sees us donate a portion of the sale to the Great Barrier Reef Legacy to help them with the amazing work they do for reef conservation and advocacy.