Hideaway Woven Beach Rug XL

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Immerse yourself in the very essence of summer with the Hideaway beach rug - a vivid embodiment of the playful spirit of long sunshine days. Woven to create hues of orange, yellow, green, fawn and cream, the Hideaway rug conjures memories of holidays and coastal bliss, capturing the true essence of joy and the irresistible allure of the ocean.

- Made with 100% cotton 

- One colour tassel trim around the rug

- Extra large beach rug - approx 200 x 160cm which comfortably fits 4 people

- Can be used as a beach blanket or picnic rug, while camping or living on the road and to brighten your home as a decorative throw.

- Durable and hard wearing with a comfortable texture against the skin

- Soft and breathable, thickness of the throws can be compared to a beach towel

- Summer whimsy design in hues of orange, yellow, green, fawn and cream

- Made with 100% cotton