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Billabong Womens 302 Salty Days Steamer Wetsuit is a top of the line surfing wetsuit boasting thermal furnace lining, great stretch and a dislocating chest-zip enclosure. Few brands spend as much time considering womens surfing wetsuits as Billabong and in recent years this has become obvious with their range expanding in both styles and reputation.

Billabong 302 Womens Salty Days Steamer is a part of Billabong's Surf Capsule range which offers colouring and patterns that are very eye-catching, almost to the point where we forget about the qualities of the suit itself. But don't be mistaken as this is a seriously high-performance steamer, backed by 40+ years of wetsuit manufacturing.

The Salty Days steamer combines premium features such as internal super flex neo taped seams, chest zip and carbon graphene lining to ensure you're not only going to be warm but you'll have plenty of paddle freedom. The more flexible a suit the easier it is for you to paddle and the longer your sessions.