3/2 Furnace Comp Zipperless Fullsuit

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The Furnace Absolute range was designed with the purpose of keeping you super warm in the water, and when you try one on you'll understand Billabong wasn't messing around when they designed this furnace lining. The Billabong 302 Furnace Natural Zipperless Steamer not only keeps you warm but is also built to stretch with flexible neoprene backed up by durable (and watertight) welded exterior seams with stress-point taping.

The Furnace Absolute offers full GBS sealing, a back zip and minimal seams – deeming it a great wetsuit for performance in surfing. Triple glued and blind stitched sealed seams will ensure that this wettie really lasts, especially when combined with the internal super-flex neo tape. It’s not just durability that these features will add to, but also heat retention through effective water sealing. And after all, isn’t this ultimately what we’re all looking for in a wettie?

On top of this the Furnace Natural Steamer is the most sustainable wetsuit Billabong makes, and perhaps, the most environmentally friendly suits in the world! It is made with CICLO infused 100% Superflex exterior jersey and yulex pure stretch natural rubber foam. CICLO-technology is an enzyme that’s added to the interior and exterior jerseys of the suit. Because of the enzyme, when you bury one in a landfill, it will degrade which is a world’s first. The interior airlite jersey has a recycled graphene lining, meaning the graphene is infused with 100% P.E.T. recycled fibres.

Billabong's focus has really started to shift towards sustainability in their products. Neoprene is notorious for its poor sustainability as it is a petroleum-based material (usually), which is ironic considering we surfers rely so much on the healthy functioning of our environment. By using recycled neoprene and fleece, Billabong is both reducing use of petroleum (and the impacts related to its extraction, transport, storage and then manufacturing) and the build-up of non-biodegradable waste. 

To get the most out of your Billabong 302 Furnace Natural Zipperless Steamer we recommend washing it with Wetsuit Wash & reading our maintenance guide